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Berichte #2 von Dina Nath Amgain

Zunächst sind die Männer auf Motorrädern dorthin gelangt und haben die Zugänglichkeit der Region geprüft, danach ist der erste Kleinlaster mit Hilfsgütern vor Ort eingetroffen. Nun fahren die Männer fast täglich Hilfsgüter in ländliche Regionen. Und abends wird noch ein ausführlicher Bericht bei Facebook gepostet, den wir an dieser Stelle jeweils übernehmen.


Bitte beachten, der neueste Beitrag steht  immer ganz oben.



Dina Nath Amgain konnte mit den Spendengeldern von "ZukunftsKinder Nepal" den Kindern in Golang, Dhading ein Schulgebäude bauen lassen. Damit kann der Unterricht erst einmal wieder weiter gehen. Die alte Schule war beim Erdbeben vollständig zerstört worden. Link zum Film >>>

Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 45Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 07Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 38Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 40

Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 05Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 47Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 48Rebuild Nepal mission in Dhading (HD) 50



Am Tag helfen sie und in der Nacht machen Dina und sein Team noch einen Film darüber.

Großartig, Jungs!

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vlcsnap 00001


Today our team successfully completed the first phase of after earthquake relief campaign that focused on supplying basic packages people need in thefirst phase of post disaster. Our team worked hard every day from 25th April, the day 7.8 Richter scale quake hit Nepal. Although harsh and massive earthquake kept coming back hundreds of time we tried our best to support and help people of different villages in around 10 different districts who were in greater trouble in lack of food and shelter. To this day, a month had passed with our days spent in planning, coordinating and travelling to many devastated villages of our nation.
With help and support from our friends, organization‪ ZukunftsKinder‬ Nepal e.V. and team effort we took basic food relief to hundreds of people in most remote villages of Nepal, hit badly by the quake and the aftershocks. Our mission today in Sindhupalchowk was important and concluding as we were not able to reach the sindhupalchowk district due to various obstacles and we took mosquito nets for the families in the district which is needed in villages the most. Sindhupalchowk is one of the most devastated district in Nepal earthquake leaving most of the houses devastated. In cooperation with an organization, “Laxmi Pratisthan”, we distributed around 500 mosquito nets in three different villages of Kavre and Sindhupalchowk district.
We headed towards Chautara village of sindhupalchowk early in the morning at around 8:00 AM. 4 hrs of drive took us to a small Tamang village badly hit by earthquake. The villagers were mostly women and children with some old people. They were in severe need of mosquito nets in this summer season. We distributed 165 mosquito nets here with additional for a house having new born and infants. We then had our lunch on the way and headed to Sipaghat village in Kavre to distribute similar quantity of nets to the villagers there in similar manner. Finally, we visited Gairigoun village, a small settelement on our way back to Kathmandu. There we again distributed around 170 mosquito nets and some soaps for sanitary needs.
As we returned back to the capital, we are ourselves happy to have been able to provide help for so many people during this time of our work.
Completion of our first phase relief distribution campaign doesn’t mean we are stopping our mission. Instead, we are additionally encouraged to move forward to the mission of rebuilding Nepal. We are now planning to go to villages again, this time with a help package of basic shelter temporary but good enough to protect from monsoon rains. The campaign will need further support and help from all our friends and supporting organization (Zukunftskinder Nepal e.V.). We believe that together we can work for Nepal, to help people rise with shelters in the project of‪ #Rebuild‬Nepal.
Photos speak!!!

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We started our day early in Chukhabeshi village of Kavre after yesterday’s overnight stay. As per our schedule, we started arrangements for distribution of relief packages. The program was designed to provide basic sanitation needed by women who are victimized by the earthquake. As the basic food relief packages were already provided in this region, we focused on sanitation and women health in the village. With summer in its peak and monsoon following, diseases carried by mosquitoes and insects are prone in villages. If left unchecked, this could led to outbreak of diseases like malaria. Keeping this in mind our team decided to provide mosquito nets for families in the villages who are forced to live out in open spaces due to earthquake. We also added a packet containing sanitary pads, soaps, innerwear and materials related to women sanitation and health. This made today’s relief package a complete sanitation and health package essential currently in villages.
We had called a gathering at 10:00 AM in the village grounds informing everyone yesterday. When we reached to the spot, villagers around and from higher belts had already arrived. They greeted us and briefed us about the situation of houses there. They also requested us to help rebuild their shelter for upcoming monsoon. We explained them about the relief we had brought for them. A local women agreed to help us with distribution of women related sanitation packet as it would be better to explain the use by a woman. Distribution of mosquito nets and the sanitation packet along with some makeshift tents went off pretty well as villagers coordinated with us. During our stay yesterday we had already prepared list of households in the village affected by the earthquake. This helped us a lot in managing and handing over the packages.
After successfully completing the sanitation, medical and health related relief campaign in the village we returned back Kathmandu today in the evening. With most of the villages already getting primary help for food, we believe it is time to start second phase of help campaign by building proper temporary shelter in the villages. With support and help from our friends and helping organization ZukunftsKinder Nepal e.V. we are now planning to arrange volunteering program of building temporary shelters good enough for monsoon in the villages.
Thanking you all,
Dina and Team.

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Despite of the strong quake shakes yesterday with epicenter in Dolakha district, our team set off for relief campaign in the Malu village of Dolakha early in the morning. Constant news updates from national media described about terrible situation of Dolakha district post second big earthquake of May 12 and aftershocks centered there. This increased our motivation of taking basic relief help in the village. In co-ordination with our local friend and member of our team, we packed makeshift tents, Salt, sugar and cooking oil along with rice sacks. We were loaded with relief materials enough for around 50 badly affected households of the village.
As we drove along B.P Koirala national highway towards Dolakha, we were informed that the road to the village was completely destroyed by landslide caused by yesterday’s quake. This created problem for us as we were not able to take our vehicle up to the village. We had to call the villagers all the way down to Kirne bazaar, where our vehicle could reach. People of the village also gladly co-operated with us and accepted our request to gather in Kirne Bazaar.
We reached Kirne bazaar at around 3:00 pm. The villagers were already waiting for us. We distributed makeshift tents and all other food items that we had taken among the villagers. The villagers informed us about the village and their homes. They informed us that their houses had been completely destroyed and they were in severe need of makeshift tents. Sadly, we couldn’t visit the village ourselves because of blocked path. We also couldn’t walk as it would take us 2 hrs time to reach Malu, making it impossible for us to return home.
We reached Kathmandu just now after 5 hours of tiring drive back. We witnessed the effects of earthquake even on the highway with fallen rocks and landslides. The road was tough to cross in some sections. Seeing the part of Dolakha and Ramechhap on our mission today, we felt that a lot is still to be done in these particular areas. Most of the May 12 earthquake and aftershocks is centered in Dolakha and Ramechhap destroying major villages. Roads joining to villages in upper belts of Dolakha and its northern part is destroyed. Despite all the harsh situation we took our best efforts to take our relief mission in the village. We will follow updates in these places and do as much as we can to uplift the situation of a beautiful district of our Nation.
Photos speak!!

 150517 Dina 6150517 Dina 1150517 Dina 5

Dina und sein Team - unermüdlich, großartig

150517 Dina 2150517 Dina 3150517 Dina 7

Und zu jedem Tagesbericht gibt es wieder Bilder der Zerstörung, die die Fahrt der jungen Männer begleiten.


Dear friends, we were unable to update everyone about our ongoing earthquake relief mission yesterday due to unavailability of internet connection in the village that we were in. Our team was just back from Kavre completing our relief mission there. We were informed from our friends circle about a village in Dhading district named Katunje. The village is a settlement of around 56 household. We were informed that water supply project in the village had been destroyed by the earthquake and the villagers were deprived by basic water supply.
We started our journey early morning yesterday accompanied by a young volunteer from Austria, Stefan. We were a team of four, dedicated to support and help villagers of Katunje. We reached Dhading Beshi and headed towards katunje through dangerous and dusty off-road drive. Around 3 hrs of dusty drive took us to Todke village, gateway to Katunje. The village was suffering from some medical issues post-earthquake. People were not able to get access of basic medicine. We met a local doctor, popular as “little doctor”, and handed him over some basic medicines and financial help for a polyclinic.
We then walked for an hour towards katunje and met a local friend there. We inspected the water project in the locality. The locality was badly impacted in the village because of broken pipelines. The village with 56 houses, were completely deprived of water supply post-earthquake. We provided people with financial support for the maintenance of destroyed water pipeline project. We also witnessed a tragic situation in the lower belt of Katunje village, as an entire hill was in the state of landslide avove the village. The villagers were terrified and were in the process of shifting entire village in upper belts.
We felt the need of zinc sheets for the villagers in this state. We were unable to provide such support currently but are willing to help. We stayed in Katunjel and returned back today after possible help.
On our way back to Kathmandu we were informed about terrible state in Malu village of Dolakha, due to earthquake. To supply basic makeshift tents in the village, we are determined and all set up for the journey to Dolakha tomorrow, where another 5.5 Richter scale earthquake hit just this evening!!
Photos Speak!!

 150516 Dina 4150516 Dina 1150516 Dina 7

150516 Dina 2150516 Dina 8150516 Dina 6

150516 Dina 3150516 Dina 9


Today was a rush day. After successful completion of our earthquake relief mission in Saping village of Kavrepalanchowk district, we spent our day preparing for yet another destination. After discussion with team members, we selected Thansing village of Nuwakot district as our next stop in the earthquake relief-help campaign. The village, badly hit by earthquake has fallen homes and devastated surroundings. We planned relief targeting more than 70 households of the village.

We had a pretty hard time while searching Plastic tents in the valley. We rushed here and there in our motorbikes just to get some tents. We were priory informed about the urgent need of tents in the Thansing village so, we kept on looking. We finally got hold of around 10 low-quality plastic tents only after paying high amount. We are well aware of the facts that most of the people in earthquake hit areas are deprived of shelter and tents are what is needed immediately. Sadly, due to lack of enough tents and unaffordable prices we couldn’t get enough of it.

We are all packed up now with the tents, rice sacks, salt, sugar and cooking oil to provide basic help needed for the village. We thank all our friends for continued support and help. With your support and willingness to help, our team will continue to make small steps of help in this tough hour of the Nation. Thanking All!!

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1: Ein Bild der totalen Verwüstung
2: Verteilung der Hilfslieferung an die Dorfbewohner


Today, as aforementioned we loaded our relief packages at around 9:00 in the morning and headed towards the destination. Unknown to us the place called Saping, koshipari really seemed too far to reach in the beginning. Steep slope, narrow and dusty path, broken houses and sad faces seeking for some ways out. Many people were searching for their belongings in the rubble and lamenting on for the loss of food stuffs and animals.

It took around 6 hours for us to reach there. Some places were such that we nearly felt these moments were our last. Some of our guides even asked us to return back from some points but we were stubborn and kept our mission high. At some points when we gave the foodstuff people were annoyed and complained about government’s apathy towards people in the regions where there is no accessibility of better road networks. In this mission we faced maximum challenges yet we were more encouraged to see the happiness of people after getting some help from us. One of the most rough and risky ride bore fruit when we reached our destination. There we distributed sacks of rice, cooking oil, sugar, noodles and biscuits to the local people. We were successful in giving help to 42 houses. There were many people from neighboring villages too. Those people started yelling for help out there and nearly halted our mission of distributing the relief materials. While returning back people in the village suggested us to get them tents and medical help. Actually, all the people demanded for makeshift tent but we couldn’t supply them the tents as we did not have enough money. But, we promised to return back with tents.   

We, all the team members assessed our day’s effort and found there were a lot to do in the village. The things we supplied would support them for a week or so. Also we had many questions with us unanswered and may even be not answered if some concrete steps are not taken immediately. We fear many of these villages will turn out to be places like Haiti after the quake. Our assessment of three districts says you all have done a great job by assisting us financially to reach up to many houses and wipe the tears of those who have been crying of disaster. Now, we think we have to take around 500 tents in Nuwakot. We got some information that as many as 500 families are living in open spaces and fear of outbreak of tropical diseases with the rise in mercury. We plead all to help us in this endeavor. This much about today’s mission. We will keep you updated.

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I have also attached our todays bills, where the transport bill is not attached. We have paid 9500 Rupees for the Pick up van.

Dina and Team